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Training Objectives

CBI Academy aim to achieve excellence in training the CBI officers, State police officers and the officers of various vigilance agencies in the investigation, prosecution and vigilance functioning.

  • To ensure that everyone in the CBI is trained.
  • To guide the human resource to realize it's full potential and to ensure full commitment towards achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • To sensitize the human resource of CBI to respond to the dynamic socio-legal environment of the country.
  • To strive after quality, standardization and constant improvement in the techniques & skills of report writing, investigation, prosecution and supervision of cases.
  • To re-motivate the CBI personnel to discharge their duties professionally.
  • To develop a sound research base in training for new vistas of investigation.
  • To broad-base the training efforts of CBI with inter-institutional and international cooperation.
  • To ensure optimal utilization of training resources through a cost conscious culture.

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