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Cyber & Hi-Tech Crime Investigation & Training (CHCIT) Centre

About CHCIT Centre
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A Cyber and Hitech Crime Investigation and Training (CHCIT) Centre has been setup and functioning at CBI Academy .

A number of courses have been conducted at CHCIT for the CBI Officers including TAFSU units, State Police Officers and Foreign Police Officers(African Nations, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam Etc).

Apart from the above mentioned specialised courses and visit of participants or different in-service courses, technical and forensic assistance has been provided during investigation of various hi-profile cases.

  • Aim: capacity building in the areas of investigation of cyber crime
  • Established at CBI Academy, Ghaziabad since June, 2010
  • Equipped with the latest gadgets and cyber forensic tools.
  • Manned by highly trained and cyber forensic certified investigators
  • Provides assistance in on going investigations with real time cyber and mobile forensic analysis

Facilities in the CHCIT Center
  • Search and seizure of digital all types of Digital Media and Mobile / PDA devices
  • Cloning, Imaging and Forensic Copying of all types of Digital Media
  • Image Analysis and Recovery of deleted data
  • Hardware and Software based imaging
  • Mobile Phone Investigation, Call Detail Records Analysis and Mobile Forensic
  • Network Forensics and Live Forensics / Preview / Triage tools
  • Recovery of hidden data from any digital media; Stegnography detection tools
  • Email Investigations and Forensics / E-Discovery tools
  • Hardware and Software based Password recovery tools
  • SIM Card data recovery and forensic Cloning
Various Specialized Courses Conducted
  • Search & Seizure in Digital Environment
  • Advanced concepts in Cyber Crime Investigation & Cyber Forensics
  • Course on Cyber Crime Investigation- Best Practices Exchange (FBI, USA)
  • Mobile Phone Investigation, Call Analysis and Mobile Forensic
  • Network Forensics and Live Forensics / Preview
  • Recovery of hidden data from digital media
  • Email Investigations and Forensics / E-Discovery tools
  • Password cracking and recovery
  • Call Detail Records Analysis
  • SIM Card data recovery and Forensic Cloning
Cyber forensic tools & gadgets available in CHCIT Center
  • State-of-the-art Forensic Workstations & FREDs with hi-end processors equipped with Internal Write Blockers
  • Hardware based Imaging Tools
  • Forensic Softwares for Image Analysis viz. Encase, FTK, WinHex, Paraben, CyberCheck etc.
  • Internet Investigation Tools
  • Steganography detection & Analysis tool
  • Relationship Analysis / Call data analysis software
  • Password Recovery Software and Tools
  • Forensic Tools for Cellular and PDA Analysis ; SIM Card & Phone Memory Analysis
  • Media Wiping Devices
  • Triage Tools
  • Field Forensic Devices
  • Forensic Tools for In-Situ Examination
  • Tools for Live system Imaging and analysis
  • Social Networking Analysis Tool
Contact Details of the CHCIT Center

Contact Person: Mr. Sanjay Gautam, CFCE, ACE
Designation: Dy. Supdt. of Police
Email: sanjaygautam@cbi.gov.in
Phone No: +91-120-2782985, 86, 87, 88 Ext. 239

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