The academy is centrally air-conditioned with a large Seminar Hall, two state-of-the-art Conference Halls, three Lecture Halls, three Group Discussion Rooms, and an Auditorium for conducting training courses. These facilities are equipped with advanced teaching aids, such as, Multi-media Projection Systems, Visualizer, Digital Class Interactive Training System and Webster Interactive Training Board. Practical aspect of training is supplemented by forensic inputs, computer training and cyber forensics.

A fully computerized library houses 16,489 books, 55 journals, 1,110 educational cassettes and 866 CD ROMS on various subjects of professional relevance. The academy library is also a member of DELNET system of libraries that facilitates inter-library book loaning.

The CBI Academy has hostel facility, consisting of two blocks:

  • Qurban Ali Block
    The Officers' Hostel having 60 rooms
  • DP Kohli Block
    The Trainees' Hostel having 100 rooms

Infrastructure Photos
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The Academy - Front View
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The Academy - Side View
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Administrative Block
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Academic Block
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Computer Laboratory
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Seminar Hall
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Conference Room - 1
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Conference Room - 2
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The Computer Lab is equipped with 22 state-of-the-art computer systems, networked on windows 2003 server platform. The Lab has 1 MBPS Internet connection with a backup of 128 KBPS ISDN line. Apart from this, the Academy also boasts of three Wi-Max access points, as a result of which the Administrative Block, Academic Block as well as the Hostel Block are now Wi-Max hot spots with 2 Mbps connectivity.

Computer Forensic Lab

In addition to the computer lab, a Computer Forensic Lab has been set up to impart training in the collection and analysis of digital evidence. It is equipped with Imaging software, acquisition & seizure tools, hashing Software, E-mail tracers, password recovery kit and latent data recovery tools.

Photography Lab

The Academy has a photography lab to train cadets in crime scene & surveillance photography. The lab is well equipped with Conventional Cameras, Digital Cameras, Palmcorders, Digital Video Cameras, a Colour Digital Lab and facility for developing and printing photographs.

Forensic Science Laboratory

For imparting hands-on experience in the use of forensic tools, a small Forensic Lab has been set up in the Academy. It is equipped with Video Spectral Comparator, Stereo Microscope, Polygraph, Portable Explosives Detection kit and Finger Print and Foot Print tool kits.


CCTVs with central control room have been installed in the Conference Rooms, Seminar Hall, Lecture Halls and the Academy Auditorium for monitoring the training activities

Video Conferencing

In order connect the Academy with the Regional Training Centres, video conferencing facility has been setup with links at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkatta.

Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS)

A sophisticated Fire Arms Training Simulator is used by the trainees for target practice as well as judgmental shooting under simulated conditions. This is in addition to range training and fire practice.

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